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CAST Academy

Creative Arts for Social Transformation

Balboa High School

1000 Cayuga Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94112 (San Francisco USD)

Phone: 415-469-4090


Contact: Jeff Larson, CAST Coordinator


Design, Visual, and Media Arts; Game Design and Integration


Career Areas

Featuring: Art/Design; Music/Audio Production; Video/Photography Production; Animation/Motion Graphics Production; Game Design; Broadcast/Communications


School Model

School-within-a-School (Partnership Academy), Wall-to-Wall Academies


Demonstration Days

AME Certification Development Days at Balboa High School on October 22-23, 2019


Balboa High School, The CAST Academy, and Game Design Academy are open for scheduled visits, tours, and conversations on an as-needed basis. Please contact Jeff Larson to make an appointment.

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