The Fourth Annual AME Leadership Institute

"Bringing Industry Authenticity into the AME Classroom"


Product and Pathway Certification Session


Presenter: Julian Colbeck, KEYFAX

Digital Video Production and Jaimie Knight, Huntington Beach APA Adapting Audio Engineering Test for Certification


Presenter: Andy Cook, NVIDIA

NVIDIA VR Certification and Implementation Options for Schools


Mark Harris, CERTIPORT

Validate your student’s skills and portfolio with Industry Certification: Certiport


Jay Sheehan, USITT and Professor at SDSU

Theatre Technology Certification by USITT


Ronda Cordova, Adobe Teacher

Adobe Certification: Addressing the Challenges in Preparing your Students for the Certification Process


Trevor Perkins, Precision Exams

Exploring Precision Exams for AME Pathway Certification


Sean Glumace, Independent Consultant

Understanding Industry Certifications and 3rd Party Assessments, Funding & Sustainability


Kris McClung, AME Consultant and Shane Schmeichel, Coronado School of the Arts Director

Performing Arts Certification – What would it look like?


Engaging with Pathway Technology  Session


Alexander Libby, Production Pro

Production Pro, a pre-production notebook- Just bring your iPad, and we’ll show you how!


Jaime Knight, Huntington Beach APA

Music Technology for the Performing Arts, Including Editing Sound for Rehearsals 


Jeannine Flores, VAPA at Santa Clara COE

Augment Your AME/VAPA Classroom Reality! Add VR to your student displays!


Casey Dockendorf, MASSIVR

Animation, Illustration, Game & Film: The industries and the tools. 


Eric Gersh, Media Teacher

Complex Production and Project Management with Trello and Celtx


Roger Jaffe, Computer Science Teacher

Attention Game Design Teachers: Bring 3D and Virtual Reality Programming to Your AME Classroom

Special Session


Jack Mitchell, AME Industry Sector Consultant, CDE

AME Pathway Certification…What will be required?


Nancy Rae Stone, CA Film Commissioner; Sean Glumace, Independent Consultant

Film Commission: Opportunities for internships for Teachers and Students


John Gordon, CDE Facilities

CTE Facilities Grant: Information about the second round of funding


Andy Cook, NVIDIA

Intro to Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning Demystified


Melanie Zapper, Teacher

Character From Movement for Actors and Dancers


MaryRose Lovgren, CTE Online

What Does CTE Online Have for AME Teachers: LOTS OF CURRICULA!


Kris McClung, AME Consultant and Anne Bown-Crawford, Executive Director, CA Arts Commission

Advocating for Arts Education in Your Back Yard


Pathway Portfolio, Marketing, and Job Prep and Engaging with Pathway Technology


Allison Frenzel, Teacher;  Adriana Marcielo, Executive Director, Joe Goode Dance Co.

Professional Websites for Performing Artists


Tacy Trowbridge, ADOBE

Creative workforce at Adobe


Angela Gomez Holbrook, Teacher, Community College

Designing Pages with CANVAS – Marketing Applications


Jack Mitchell, AME Industry Sector Consultant, CDE and a Panel of Industry Professional Film Artists

Production Managerial Portfolios for Independent Film Artists


Riana Bucceri, Teacher and Anna Woerman, Teacher

Certification, Marketing, and Job Prep  Process for Digital Media Students at CoSA


Jay Sheehan, Professional Production Manager and SDSU Professor

Portfolios and Job Preparation for Theatre Artists

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Connecting With Industry..Career Focused Panels

Each panel of industry experts will be lead by a facilitator participants will have the opportunity to talk to industry experts

  • Dance and Theatre Performance Industry Panel

  • Animation Industry Panel

  • Music Performance and Sound Production Industry Panel

  • Multimedia Production Industry Panel

  • Graphic Design/Photography Industry Panel

  • Film and Video Production Industry Production Panel

  • Broadcast Production Industry Panel

  • Game Design Industry Panel

  • Theatre Technology Industry Panel

AME Pathway Job Alike Conversations

Each job alike will be lead by a teacher facilitator in an interactive conversation. Bring copies of courses and or lessons you would like to share. Come and learn from your teacher contemporaries

  • Dance and Theatre Performance Job Alike

  • Animation Job Alike

  • Music Performance and Sound Production Job Alike

  • Multimedia Production Job Alike

  • Graphic Design/Photography Job Alike

  • Film and Video Production Industry Production Job Alike

  • Broadcast Production Job Alike

  • Game Design Job Alike

  • Theatre Technology Job Alike

AME 2018 Institute Special Feature

Adobe Industry Certifications

We are excited to announce that Certiport will be hosting a certification lab for all registered attendees to get certified in Adobe software. The certification exams will be free to all attendees, up to three exams per person. This offer is valued at $195 per exam, up to $585! To learn more about the exams available and view the exam objectives visit


The Adobe Certified Associate exam will be available in the following Adobe products:

·         Adobe Animate

·         Adobe Dreamweaver

·         Adobe Flash

·         Adobe Illustrator

·         Adobe InDesign

·         Adobe Photoshop

·         Adobe Premiere Pro


You can view the available versions at:

If you pre-register for an exam time slot in advance of the event, Certiport will send you a free practice test voucher to prepare.

To learn more about the Adobe and Toon Boom certifications, learning resources, and receive a practice test voucher, visit the Certiport booth or stop by the certification lab.

Adobe and Certiport will also be presenting breakout sessions on how to integrate certification and digital tools into your courses and certify your students. This opportunity is supported by Certiport, Sean Glumace and Certification & Career Pathways Readiness Group, LCC

Special Events-"Tech Talk,"  San Diego State University 

Want to Know About What Kind of Technologies Are on the Horizon for AME?

How Will These New Technologies Affect the AME Industry and Teaching?


Come to TECH TALKS, a special feature of the 2018 AME Leadership Institute!

Sunday, April 15 at 7:00 pm at San Diego State in the Experimental Theatre.


Transportation: easy 2 stop trolley ride from Doubletree Hotel to SDSU.  Join the group going to TECH TALKS at the trolley station at 6:15 pm for the 20 minute ride to the campus. From the trolley stop at SDSU, it is an easy 10 minute walk to the Experimental Theatre.

Limited Seating! Sign up Here!


Tech Talk Session 1-Creatives vs Coders

Blurring the Line between AME and Computer Science

Summary: The line is blurring between the creative side of Arts, Media, and Entertainment professionals and the coders and programmers that make their ideas happen. When coders obtain some knowledge of design and creatives acquire some knowledge of programming, the AME is an amazing and awesome place.

Tech Talk Session 2-Andy Cook, NVIDIA

The Future of AI and its role in the AME Industry

 Artificial Intelligence is being used in self-driving cars and many other automatic technologies, but how will it be applied to the AME Industry Sector? What are the implications for the artists and technicians who work in the Industry Sector?


Tech Talk Session 3-Sean Hauze, Instructional Media Developer, San Diego State University, Panel of Experts

What We Do: VITAL – Virtual Immersive Teaching and Learning


Today, virtual and augmented reality are changing how people work and learn. Learn how VITAL serves as an incubator for research on the next wave of virtual and augmented technologies that enable experiences that would be impossible or out of reach in a traditional learning environment.

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