California Film Commission Career Readiness Program

Through the California Department of Education Career Readiness Initiative

The information in red is in the CFC regulations and defines a particular Career readiness activity in which a production company can participate. Below is a brief description of how this particular activity increases career readiness, followed by links to forms and resources production companies will need to provide to secondary students, their teachers, or programs.


Please forward completed forms to both: and


Direct Financial Contribution


CFC Criteria: Make a financial contribution to a specific local educational agency or higher education institution specializing in arts, media, and entertainment career oriented programs. Minimum financial contribution: Independent productions: $3,000, Non-independent productions: $5,000.


As the AME industry sector programs grow, direct monetary donations can have a positive impact for students enrolled in programs at the local school site. Direct financial support allows site-based programs to keep up to date with current industry level equipment and professional practice. Often a direct cash donation can assist program directors and teachers with purchasing “industry standard” equipment and securing the training necessary to use the equipment effectively. It also allows programs the flexibility to determine what they need most to successfully prepare their students for employment in such a diverse and rapidly changing industry sector. Donations can be made directly to school sites using the template link below.


Donations can also be made to a special Californian's Dedicated to Education Fund to distribute supplemental funding to school site programs through a dedicated Film and Television Program Enrichment Grant. Guidelines for the Grant application are currently in development and funds would serve AME programs across the state.


Direct Donations to State level Career Readiness grants for high school students should be made through:

Californians Dedicated to Education Foundation

Mailing Address:

425 Broadway

Redwood City, CA. 94063

Tax ID: 45-0676449

Code:  AME in the memo portion of any checks or clearly identify as for the AME Incentive Grant Fund in a cover letter


For more information on this new CFC Career Readiness Grant program click the links below or contact Jack Mitchell, California Department of Education, AME Industry Sector Lead, at




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