California Film Commission Career Readiness Program

Through the California Department of Education Career Readiness Initiative

The information in red is in the CFC regulations and defines a particular Career readiness activity in which a production company can participate. Below is a brief description of how this particular activity increases career readiness, followed by links to forms and resources production companies will need to provide to secondary students, their teachers, or programs.


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Student Internships


CFC Criteria: Provide students enrolled in an accredited high school or community college:


  • 3 paid internship positions for a minimum of 75 hours each.


  • A combination of internships or internship with a minimum of 75 hours per student and a total 225 hours.


  • Internship experience should include working with professionals in film industry and hands-on work assignments.


Student Internships are an essential component of Career Technical Education (CTE).  Internships provide the technical training and hands-on experience students need to be truly “career ready." High school students 18 years of age or older are eligible to participate. High School students who are involved in an internship will be better prepared for success as upcoming film industry workers. Internships can be within the film project’s departments such as the production office, on set, or post-production. Internships can also take place inside a production company or studio department, e.g., development, accounting, production, construction, studio operations, costume shop, sound services, and/or video mastering.


Ideal positions give interns in-depth exposure to a particular department, as well as an opportunity to explore the breadth of jobs available in the entertainment business.


Student Internship Examples

  • Art department internship that includes preliminary drafting experience with software such as Storyboard Pro


  • General production assistant internship


  • Apprenticeship in how to break down a script for a specific department


  • Working with wardrobe department on aspects of costuming, e.g., how to distress clothes, continuity, costume design, alterations, dyeing.


  • Interning with makeup department to learn aspects of the trade: aging, prosthetics, beauty makeup

For more information on this new CFC Career Readiness Grant program click the links below or contact Jack Mitchell, California Department of Education, AME Industry Sector Lead, at



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