California Film Commission Career Readiness Program

Through the California Department of Education Career Readiness Initiative

The information in red is in the CFC regulations and defines a particular Career readiness activity in which a production company can participate. Below is a brief description of how this particular activity increases career readiness, followed by links to forms and resources production companies will need to provide to secondary students, their teachers, or programs.


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Teacher Externships (Professional Learning)


CFC Criteria: Provide a minimum of 8 hours of continuing education for educators and/or faculty to observe specialized departments or techniques in the production process. 


Teachers in AME Film and Video classrooms are required to have “professional experience” in the industry. But in some cases this experience may be limited to a single aspect of production or may have taken place when production methods and equipment were significantly different. Professional “externships” for secondary teachers afford them the opportunity to “keep current” with professional practice and experience all aspects of the Film and Television Production industry. Engaging an AME educator to spend a day or more at your site, shadowing/working with a professional, can greatly impact their ability to impart authentic career practices to their students.


 Faculty Development Examples
  • Attend a meeting in which a script is broken down into visual effects shots


  • Participate in a planning session for a motion capture or green screen shoot and observe the filming


  • Spend a day with a post-production supervisor to better understand today’s delivery elements for film and television


  • Observe a spotting session with a director and composer and/or spend time with the composer to better understand the latest music technology


  • Attend a 3-D film shoot and discuss the technology with the D.P.


  • Attend a color correction session to gain up-to-date knowledge of the latest tools

For more information on this new CFC Career Readiness Grant program click the links below or contact Jack Mitchell, California Department of Education, AME Industry Sector Lead, at


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